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DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
42%Beijing International Hotel5Family$137.42 ($236.93)Limited Time Offer.Booking
40%Legendale Hotel Wangfujing, Beijing5Junior Suite$249.71 ($416.19)Limited Time Offer.Booking
32%Hotel New Otani Chang Fu Gong5Superior Room$134.07 ($197.16)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Days Inn Forbidden City Hotel3Budget Queen (Basement)$65.62 ($93.75)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Beijing Regal Hotel Wangfujing5Business Room - Late Check-out at 2pm$69.09 ($86.36)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Gotel Capital4Classic Room With 1 Breakfast$103.6 ($129.54)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Beijing Landmark Hotel4Superior$108.86 ($136.08)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%New World Beijing Hotel5Superior Room$155.17 ($194.03)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Raffles Beijing Hotel5Raffles Inc. Business Room$202.55 ($253.19)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng Hotel5Club Room$301.38 ($334.87)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
35%Royal Mediterranean Hotel5Superior$141.75 ($218.18)Early Booking SaverBooking
32%Asia International Hotel5Deluxe Hot Deal$142.03 ($210.23)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Ocean Hotel4Standard With Breakfast$157.1 ($224.43)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%The Bauhinia Hotel3Standard room$107.39 ($153.41)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Oakwood Premier Guangzhou5Superior Studio-Room only$293.89 ($420.02)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Guangdong Baiyun City Hotel3Standard Double Bed$51.97 ($65.06)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Guangzhou Hotel3Standard city view Twin bed$104.54 ($130.68)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%MG Hotel Apartment Grandview Mall Branch4Duplex King Bed Suite$108.13 ($127.84)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Fraser Suites Guangzhou5Studio Deluxe - Daily$311.71 ($366.72)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Lido Hotel3Standard Twin Bed$108.42 ($127.56)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
49%Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen5Deluxe$140.34 ($275.71)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Royal Suites and Towers Hotel5Superior Suite 1 Bed Room$89.06 ($127.41)Last Minute SpecialBooking
20%Four Points by Sheraton Shenzhen Hotel4Superior Suite$176.16 ($220.2)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%The Westin Shenzhen Nanshan Hotel5Junior Suite$320.17 ($400.21)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%The Langham Hotel Shenzhen5Grand Langham Room$274.43 ($343.04)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Sheraton Dameisha Resort Shenzhen5Sea View Suite$386.36 ($482.95)Early Booking SaverBooking
15%Modern Classic Hotel Shenzhen5Oriental King Bed$164.95 ($194.06)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Mission Hills Resort Shenzhen5Grand Deluxe King Bed(Room Only)$142.47 ($167.61)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Colour Inn Shenzhen (Dongmen Branch)2Economy No Window$24.01 ($26.7)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Kaili Hotel3Standard Twin$56.25 ($62.5)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
33%The East Hotel Hangzhou5Business King Bed$105.64 ($157.67)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Hangzhou Milan Garden Hotel4Classic Double Bed$53.69 ($76.7)Limited Time Offer.Booking
29%Oakwood Residence Hangzhou5Three Bedroom Executive $353.4 ($495.45)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Westlake 7 Service Apartment Xihu3Superior$42.4 ($56.53)Limited Time Offer.Booking
24%Pins De La Brume Hotel5Garden View$279.38 ($367.61)Limited Time Offer.Booking
19%Hangzhou Airport Guanghua Hotel3Standard Twin$28.12 ($34.68)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hangzhou5Deluxe Room$205.82 ($228.69)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Hangzhou UU Hotel3Standard Twin Bed$63.92 ($71.02)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Hangzhou Bokai Westlake Hotel3King Bed B$31.7 ($35.23)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Victoria Regal Hotel Zhejiang4Standard No Window$44.49 ($49.43)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
40%Le Meridien Xiamen Hotel5Hill View/ Court Yard Junior Suite$178.38 ($297.3)Limited Time Offer.Booking
38%The Westin Xiamen Hotel5Grand Executive Room With Breakfast$198.72 ($321.87)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%C&D Hotel Xiamen5Superior$83.53 ($119.03)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Xiamen MinNan Hotel4Annex Interior View Twin with 1 Breakfast$49.42 ($70.6)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Hotel Nikko Xiamen5Premier Room$88.49 ($126.42)Limited Time Offer.Booking
24%Swiss International Hotel Xiamen5Deluxe Sea View$139.21 ($182.81)Last Minute SpecialBooking
20%Langham Place Xiamen5Superior Place$102.98 ($128.72)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Pan Pacific Xiamen Hotel5Superior King Bed Room$97.19 ($114.35)Limited Time Offer.Booking
12%Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen5Business with One Breakfast$100.85 ($114.77)Limited Time Offer.Booking
11%Xiamen Yuzhou Camelon Hotel4Studio Executive$66.48 ($75)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
60%Yiliu Hostel4Courtyard King Bed$38.64 ($96.59)Limited Time Offer.Booking
40%Lijiang Chen Dian Hotel4.5Deluxe Suite Villa$160.23 ($267.04)Last Minute SpecialBooking
40%Lijiang Sina Hotel4Superior$57.1 ($95.17)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%LUX* Lijiang5Superior Room with Breakfast$196.23 ($261.65)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Lijiang Karma Design Hotel4Deluxe King Bed Room$69.09 ($86.36)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Lijiang Yunjin Yaju Courtyard Hotel3Boutique King Bed$55.11 ($68.89)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Lijiang Warm Flowers Guesthouse2Twin Bed$31.39 ($36.93)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Lijiang Shuhe Longmen Hotel3King Bed$24.03 ($28.27)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Lijiang Flower Dream Inn5Double Room$75.46 ($88.78)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
15%Fraser Suites Chengdu51 Bedroom Premier$172.17 ($202.55)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Chengdu Tujia Sweetome Vacation Rentals-Langyu Branch Hotel31 Bedroom Suite City View$50.47 ($59.37)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Millennium Hotel5Deluxe$127.58 ($141.76)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
46%Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hainan Longmu Bay5Superior Garden View$71.02 ($130.68)Limited Time Offer.Booking
35%Sanya Baohong Hotel5Comfort Executive King Bed$71.83 ($110.51)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%The St. Regis Sanya Yalong Bay Resort5St. Regis Ocean View Suite with Breakfast$560.29 ($800.42)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Sanya Hawaii Hotel4Standard City View Without Breakfast$45.54 ($65.06)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Sheraton Shenzhou Peninsula Resort5Deluxe Room$119.9 ($160.08)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Four Points By Sheraton Shenzhou Peninsula Hotel4Comfort Room$88.09 ($117.61)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Yalong Bay Mangrove Tree Resort5Deluxe Garden View$158.52 ($211.36)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Four Points by Sheraton Hainan Sanya4Ocean Studio Suite$125 ($156.25)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Ramada Plaza Sanya Hotel5River View Twin Bed$64.5 ($80.82)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
43%Canaan International Hotel3Deluxe King$30.77 ($53.98)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Xian Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel5Superior Double Room with Garden View$101.92 ($127.56)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Cien Hotel2Tang Dynasty Double Room$33.93 ($42.47)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Best Western Xian Bestway Hotel4Superior Room$40.93 ($48.15)Early Booking SaverBooking
10%Skytel Hotel Xian4Fashion Room$38.1 ($42.33)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Bell Tower Hotel4Standard$71.33 ($79.26)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
40%Howard Johnson Wuzhong Business Club Hotel Suzhou5Deluxe Suite with Breakfast$96.99 ($161.65)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Pan Pacific Suzhou Hotel5Pacific Club Studio King Room$137.02 ($195.74)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Four Points By Sheraton Suzhou Hotel5Comfort Suite$154.37 ($205.82)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Hotel Soul Suzhou4Deluxe Room with Breakfast$95.14 ($111.93)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Modena Jinjihu Suzhou4Studio Deluxe $70.06 ($77.84)Last Minute SpecialBooking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
50%Qingdao Villa Inn No. 21 Seaside4Single Room$34.52 ($69.03)Limited Time Offer.Booking
40%Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel5Deluxe Twin$84.29 ($140.48)Limited Time Offer.Booking
40%Sheraton Qingdao Licang Hotel5Deluxe Mountain View$98.01 ($163.35)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao Huangdao4Comfort Standard$68.61 ($98.01)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Qingdao Dale Garden Hotel4Business$33.86 ($42.33)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Adela Boutique Hotel Qingdao3King No Window$40.91 ($51.14)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Qingdao 52 Square Meter Apartment Hotel3Superior King City View$42.19 ($46.87)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
25%Fraser Suites Nanjing51 Bedroom Suite$170.03 ($226.7)Last Minute SpecialBooking
20%Nanjing Tujia Sweetome Apartment Tangcheng Dongjun5Fashion Double or Twin - Domestic residents only$30.45 ($38.07)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
45%China Old Story Inns of Dali3Fellow Twin Bed Room$31.17 ($56.68)Limited Time Offer.Booking

Hong Kong

DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
33%The Salisbury u2013 YMCA of Hong Kong4Standard.$155.19 ($231.63)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Harbour Grand Kowloon5Courtview$279.52 ($399.31)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Shamrock Hotel3Standard$108.28 ($135.34)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Hotel Icon5ICON 36 City$299.05 ($373.81)Limited Time Offer.Booking
18%Regal Kowloon Hotel4Superior$158.55 ($193.35)Last Minute SpecialBooking
18%iclub Wan Chai Hotel4iSelect Queen$105.67 ($128.9)Last Minute SpecialBooking
10%Rosedale On The Park Hotel4Superior$125.27 ($139.19)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Rosedale Hotel Kowloon - Mongkok4Superior$116.01 ($128.9)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%The Langham Hong Kong Hotel5Langham Club Rooms$464.04 ($515.6)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Hotel Panorama by Rhombus4Superior Silver$174.01 ($193.35)Limited Time Offer.Booking


DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
65%Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel4Superior Garden Wing$50.06 ($143.02)Limited Time Offer.Booking
52%TS Suites Bali & Villas5TShell$122.62 ($255.45)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Ananta legian Hotel4Deluxe$54.2 ($108.39)Limited Time Offer.Booking
40%The Royal Santrian Luxury Beach Villas5Deluxe Pool Villa with Breakfast$407.26 ($678.76)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%The Stones Hotel - Legian Bali, Autograph Collection by Marriott5Deluxe Room Only$161.19 ($230.27)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%C151 Luxury Villas Dreamland52 Bedroom Top Cliff Villa$911.35 ($1215.13)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Prama Sanur Beach Bali Hotel5Superior Twin$89.48 ($111.85)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%The Club Villas4Two-Bedroom Private Pool Villa$161.77 ($190.77)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali5Deluxe Garden View With Breakfast$99.25 ($110.27)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%AYANA Resort and Spa5Resort View$291.47 ($323.86)Early Booking SaverBooking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
70%The Cherry Homes Hotel & Residence2Brand New Express Single Bed Room$13.74 ($45.8)Early Booking SaverBooking
60%Gumilang Regency Hotel4Suite with Living Room$82.85 ($207.12)Limited Time Offer.Booking
56%The Ardjuna Boutique Hotel & Spa4Deluxe King Balcony with Breakfast$48 ($109.1)Limited Time Offer.Booking
55%The Trans Luxury Hotel5Premier Room$122.18 ($271.51)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%favehotel Premier Cihampelas3Standard$38.26 ($76.52)Limited Time Offer.Booking
45%The Travelhotel3Deluxe Balcony$29.62 ($53.85)Limited Time Offer.Booking
40%Kastuba Resort3Kastuba Suite 1 Bedroom$62.14 ($103.56)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Puteri Gunung Hotel4Superior Room Flat$48.33 ($69.04)Early Booking SaverBooking
30%Grand Paradise Hotel Lembang4Standard$22.13 ($31.62)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Chara Hotel3Superior Deluxe/Family with Breakfast for 2 persons$41.77 ($55.69)Last Minute SpecialBooking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
50%Santika Premiere Hotel Jakarta4Deluxe$71.64 ($143.27)Limited Time Offer.Booking
44%The Media Hotel & Towers5Premium Room - Breakfast$62.69 ($111.94)Limited Time Offer.Booking
40%Morrissey Serviced Apartment4Studio$66.28 ($110.47)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Avissa Suites3Deluxe Queen Bed$51.78 ($73.97)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Gran Mahakam Hotel5Deluxe Room Only$142.57 ($203.67)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Millennium Hotel Sirih Jakarta4Superior with free wifi$72.26 ($90.33)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Sari Pan Pacific Jakarta4Standard With Free Wifi$96.99 ($121.24)Early Booking SaverBooking
20%Century Park Hotel4Deluxe$99.91 ($124.89)Last Minute SpecialBooking
15%Ambhara Hotel4Deluxe$52.76 ($62.07)Early Booking SaverBooking
10%Best Western Mangga Dua Hotel and Residence4Superior$45.67 ($50.75)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
60%Sudamala Suites & Villas Senggigi5Garden View Suite$156.59 ($391.49)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Aston Sunset Beach Resort - Gili Trawangan4Superior Room$71.68 ($143.35)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Kebun Villas & Resort4Seroja Twin$48.33 ($96.66)Limited Time Offer.Booking
45%Akoya Pool Villa at Hotel Vila Ombak4One Bedroom Pool Villa$289.97 ($527.22)Limited Time Offer.Booking
45%Vila Ombak Hotel4Lumbung Hut$153.89 ($279.8)Limited Time Offer.Booking
35%Ombak Sunset Hotel5Deluxe Terrace Room Only$58.69 ($90.28)Limited Time Offer.Booking
35%Villa Almarik Resort4Superior$108.6 ($167.08)Limited Time Offer.Booking
35%Pesona Resort Gili Trawangan3Villa Room (Side Balcony)$46.67 ($71.8)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Kila Senggigi Beach Hotel Lombok4Superior Twin Garden View$50.18 ($66.9)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%The Santosa Villas & Resort4Terrace$61.33 ($72.15)Last Minute SpecialBooking


Kuala Lumpur
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
64%Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur51+1 Bedroom Premier$140.88 ($389.71)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Best Western Premier Dua Sentral Kuala Lumpur41 Bedroom Club Suite Room Only Hot Deal$73.13 ($146.27)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur Hotel5Deluxe Stop & Book$130.05 ($260.1)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur5Deluxe$94.96 ($126.62)Last Minute SpecialBooking
20%Quality Hotel City Centre4Deluxe$41.89 ($52.36)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Pacific Regency Hotel Suites5Premier Deluxe with breakfast$112.61 ($140.76)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%PNB Darby Park Executive Suites Hotel41 Bedroom Studio - Premier Floor$107.71 ($134.64)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Melia Kuala Lumpur4Melia room Promo 15 pct off$72.83 ($85.68)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Fahrenheit Suites Kuala Lumpur4Superior Hot Deal$62.78 ($73.86)Last Minute SpecialBooking
10%Tune Hotel klia23Double Room$56.74 ($63.05)Limited Time Offer.Booking
Malacca / Melaka
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
53%Bayview Hotel Melaka4Superior Twin$36.93 ($79.03)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Avillion Legacy Melaka Hotel4Superior$48.84 ($69.77)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%The Sterling Boutique Hotel4Leyton & Stoke Mandeville Double or Twin Room$87.21 ($116.28)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Majestic Malacca Hotel5Deluxe with Breakfast$121.63 ($162.18)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Midcity Hotel Melaka3.5Deluxe Twin$44.32 ($55.4)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Mahkota Hotel Melaka41 Bedroom Apartment Deluxe$48.47 ($60.59)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Ramada Plaza Melaka5Premier$66.1 ($82.62)Last Minute SpecialBooking
16%Philea Resort & Spa5Pavilion Villa $131.89 ($156.96)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Hallmark Crown Hotel4Single Room$30.94 ($36.4)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Hallmark Hotel Leisure2Deluxe Twin$40.36 ($44.84)Last Minute SpecialBooking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
50%The Gurney Resort Hotel & Residence4Studio Suite$79.53 ($159.07)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%GLOW Penang Hotel3Superior Double/Twin$52.85 ($75.5)Last Minute SpecialBooking
20%G Hotel Penang5Executive Room$183.6 ($229.5)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Bayview Hotel Georgetown4Standard$66.1 ($82.62)Last Minute SpecialBooking
20%Bayview Beach Resort4Superior Hillview with Balcony$82.99 ($103.73)Last Minute SpecialBooking
15%Eastern And Oriental Hotel5Studio Suite - Victory Annexe$195.07 ($229.5)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Rainbow Paradise Beach Resort4Deluxe Studio Suite$60.54 ($71.22)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Lone Pine Hotel5Deluxe$193.06 ($227.12)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Copthorne Orchid Hotel Penang4Standard Room - Stay & Save$66.1 ($73.44)Last Minute SpecialBooking
10%Hotel Royal Penang4Superior Room Only$49.57 ($55.08)Last Minute SpecialBooking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
64%Tanjung Rhu Resort5Damai Suite$250.36 ($695.45)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%The Danna Langkawi Hotel5Countess Suite$695.45 ($1390.9)Limited Time Offer.Booking
40%Temple Tree Resort4Plantation 3$170.25 ($283.74)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa5Garden Terrace$192.75 ($275.4)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort5Superior Room$122.68 ($175.25)Limited Time Offer.Booking
28%Four Points by Sheraton Langkawi Resort4Comfort Room$90.13 ($125.18)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%The Frangipani Langkawi Resort & Spa4Garden View Villa$175.25 ($233.67)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Bon Ton Resort4Yellow Orchid Villa$155.78 ($194.73)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Bayview Hotel4Executive Suite$229.22 ($286.52)Last Minute SpecialBooking
15%Langkawi Chantique Resort3Superior$76.73 ($90.27)Last Minute SpecialBooking


DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
50%Best Western Plus Antel Hotel41 Bedroom (room Only)$71.35 ($142.69)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Tune Hotel - Ermita, Manila3Twin Room$24.17 ($48.34)Limited Time Offer.Booking
35%Armada Hotel Manila4Superior With Breakfast$56.16 ($86.4)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Richmonde Hotel Ortigas4Superior (Room and Wifi)$80.02 ($114.31)Limited Time Offer.Booking
28%Century Park Hotel5Classic Superior Room Only$69.22 ($96.15)Last Minute SpecialBooking
25%Manila Pavilion Hotel & Casino4Superior Room Only$76.42 ($101.9)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Diamond Hotel5Deluxe$132.09 ($165.12)Last Minute SpecialBooking
15%One Pacific Place Serviced Residences3.5Studio Twin or Queen (Room and Wifi)$67.35 ($79.24)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%The Exchange Regency Residence Hotel4Deluxe Queen with Breakfast$73.65 ($81.83)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Riviera Mansion Hotel3Superior with Breakfast$50.61 ($56.24)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
70%Quest Hotel & Conference Center - Cebu3Deluxe$50.2 ($167.34)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Crimson Resort and Spa5Deluxe Garden Room Only$189.66 ($379.32)Limited Time Offer.Booking
32%Best Western Plus Lex Cebu4Superior Room$59.33 ($87.25)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%JPark Island Resort and Waterpark5Deluxe Room$196.11 ($280.16)Last Minute SpecialBooking
30%Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu5Superior Room Only$70.29 ($100.41)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Moevenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu5Deluxe Twin (room only)$147.27 ($196.35)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino Mactan4Superior (Room Only)$70.55 ($83)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino4Superior (Room Only)$76.48 ($89.98)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Cebu White Sands Resort and Spa4Deluxe$82.3 ($91.45)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel4Superior Room with Breakfast$93.24 ($103.6)Limited Time Offer.Booking


DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
63%Peninsula Excelsior Hotel4Deluxe$139.81 ($377.86)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Concorde Hotel Singapore4Deluxe$164.13 ($218.85)Last Minute SpecialBooking
25%Raffles Singapore5Raffles Inc$436.9 ($582.54)Early Booking SaverBooking
22%Royal Plaza On Scotts Hotel5Superior - Deal of the Day: with Internet/minibar$294.49 ($377.56)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Bay Hotel Singapore4Standard with WiFi and Minibar$107.06 ($133.83)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Carlton Hotel5Premier room with Wifi$182.63 ($228.29)Last Minute SpecialBooking
10%Porcelain Hotel by JL Asia3Superior Queen: With Wifi$88.56 ($98.4)Last Minute SpecialBooking
10%Orchid Hotel4Suite: Promo$240.89 ($267.65)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Studio M Hotel4Studio Surreal Deal$141.7 ($157.44)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Goodwood Park Hotel5Deluxe$194.84 ($216.48)Limited Time Offer.Booking

South Korea

DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
60%Best Western Premier kukdo hotel5Family Twin$156.1 ($390.25)Limited Time Offer.Booking
57%PJ Hotel5Double$78.87 ($183.42)Last Minute SpecialBooking
40%Hotel Aventree Jongno5Standard Single$88.98 ($148.29)Limited Time Offer.Booking
35%Hotel Rian3.5Double with Breakfast$122.77 ($188.88)Last Minute SpecialBooking
35%Ramada Dongdaemun4Superior Double Bed$159.19 ($244.9)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Hotel Skypark Myeongdong III3Standard Twin Room Only$158.66 ($198.32)Early Booking SaverBooking
15%The Shilla Seoul5Executive Business Deluxe Double$441.51 ($519.42)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Ramada Seoul5Executive Twin$128.44 ($151.1)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Lotte Seoul Hotel5Main Wing Superior TWN BRG$263.49 ($292.76)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Best Western New Seoul Hotel4Inside Double(No Window)$95 ($105.55)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
59%Hotel Teddy Valley4Deluxe Twin with Breakfast$144.68 ($349.13)Limited Time Offer.Booking
51%Jejueco Suites3Jacuzzi Suite$133.33 ($272.1)Limited Time Offer.Booking
40%Kensington Jeju Hotel5Standard Conner Twin$231.81 ($386.35)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Tisland Resort1.5Superior Double Bed Room$126.21 ($180.29)Early Booking SaverBooking
30%Lotte Resort Jeju Art Villas5Suite Villa by DA Group or Global$581.75 ($831.07)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Lotte Jeju Hotel5Deluxe Mountain View Room Only$236.1 ($337.29)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%The Shilla Jeju5Standard Mountain$239.05 ($318.73)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%The Seaes Hotel & Resort4Deluxe Double Bed$184.2 ($230.25)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Kasan Tobang Hanok2Won Ang with Shared Bathroom$51.51 ($60.6)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Happy House Pension2.5Suite Two Bed Room$123.63 ($137.37)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
33%Miss Egg Guesthouse1Twin Room with Private Bathroom$34.33 ($51.51)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Popcorn Hostel1.58 Beds Dormitory for Male$12.02 ($17.17)Last Minute SpecialBooking
30%Elysee Motel Busan2Standard Double$72.12 ($103.03)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Busan Sukbak Dot Com Guest House11 Bed in 6-Bed Dormitory (Female)$12.88 ($17.17)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Lotte Hotel Busan5Deluxe Twin$178.99 ($238.65)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Commodore Hotel4Standard Double$99.51 ($132.68)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%K2 Motel2.5Standard Double$45.51 ($56.89)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Hotel Amare Busan2.5Standard Double$68.68 ($85.85)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Goodstay Mk Motel2.5Standard Double Bed$56.56 ($70.7)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Best Louis Hamilton Hotel3.5Superior Double Bed Room$124.4 ($138.23)Limited Time Offer.Booking


DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
65%Villa Zolitude Resort & Spa51 Bedroom Deluxe Pool Villa With Breakfast$205.43 ($586.94)Limited Time Offer.Booking
65%Baan Laimai Beach Resort4Superior No Window$46.06 ($131.6)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Phuket Graceland Resort & Spa4Deluxe Pool View$78.96 ($157.92)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Avista Phuket Resort & Spa, Kata Beach5Grand Deluxe$190.82 ($381.64)Limited Time Offer.Booking
45%The Naka Phuket Villa51 Bedroom Beachfront Pool Villa With Breakfast$470.86 ($856.11)Limited Time Offer.Booking
43%Burasari Resort Phuket4Elite with breakfast + Free Mini Bar$86.6 ($152.66)Limited Time Offer.Booking
35%The Village Coconut Island Beach Resort5Outdoor Jacuzzi Suites$100.96 ($155.32)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Angsana Laguna Phuket Hotel5Laguna Premier Room with breakfast$190.83 ($272.62)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Banyan Tree Phuket5Double Pool Villa$563.82 ($805.45)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Aleenta Resort5Ocean View Loft - minimum 12 years old$214.14 ($251.92)Last Minute SpecialBooking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
65%Asia Hotel Bangkok4Premier Double or Twin$55.27 ($160.07)Limited Time Offer.Booking
60%lebua at State Tower Hotel5Superior Suite Balcony$117.17 ($295.44)Limited Time Offer.Booking
58%Grande Centre Point Hotel Ratchadamri51 Bedroom Grand Suite with Extra Bed(4 adults)$165.82 ($394.8)Limited Time Offer.Booking
55%Grande Centre Point Hotel Terminal 215Superior Room Only$135.43 ($301.43)Limited Time Offer.Booking
52%The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam5Luxury (Main Tower)$70.75 ($147.39)Last Minute SpecialBooking
50%Mandarin Hotel Managed by Centre Point4Deluxe Room Only - Hot Deal$63.17 ($126.34)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Hansar Bangkok Hotel5Studio Suite Room Only$148.67 ($297.34)Limited Time Offer.Booking
32%GLOW Pratunam Hotel4Glow Suite Room only$109.18 ($160.55)Limited Time Offer.Booking
22%Baiyoke Sky Hotel4Superior Standard Zone$55.25 ($71.04)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Rongratana Executive Residence4.5Deluxe Studio $82.12 ($102.65)Last Minute SpecialBooking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
40%Baywalk Residence3Deluxe With Breakfast$75.8 ($126.34)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Flipper Lodge2.5Superior City View $31.58 ($39.48)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%D Varee Jomtien Beach Pattaya Hotel4Superior$47.38 ($59.22)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%LK Royal Suite Hotel41 Bedroom Suite Jacuzzi$71.06 ($88.83)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%LK The Empress4Studio King Bed$72.38 ($90.48)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Sea Sand Sun Resort & Spa5Deluxe Pavilion with Breakfast$357.96 ($421.13)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Pattaya Discovery Beach Hotel4Superior - Chic Tower$55.93 ($65.8)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Dusit Thani Hotel Pattaya5One Bedroom Suite$171.16 ($201.36)Limited Time Offer.Booking
13%Flipper House Hotel3Standard$27.48 ($31.58)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Cape Dara Resort5Dara Suite with breakfast$317.85 ($353.17)Early Booking SaverBooking
Chiang Mai
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
50%Prat Rajapruek Resort and Spa4Deluxe$72.38 ($144.76)Limited Time Offer.Booking
45%Sibsan Resort & Spa Maeteang5Superior Villa$80.98 ($147.24)Limited Time Offer.Booking
35%Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel4Superior Hot Deal $34.22 ($52.64)Last Minute SpecialBooking
30%Hotel M Chiang Mai3Superior$46.04 ($65.77)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Yaang Come Village Hotel4superior$73.25 ($104.65)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa Chiangmai5Deluxe Lanna with Breakfast$92.12 ($131.6)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Kodchasri Thani Hotel4Deluxe With Breakfast$126.34 ($157.92)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%The Imperial Mae Ping Hotel4Deluxe room only$52.38 ($65.8)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%De Naga Hotel Chiang Mai4Deluxe With Breakfast$86.89 ($102.23)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Raming Lodge Hotel3.5Superior Twin$37.9 ($42.11)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
80%Mantra Samui Resort5Mantra Superior with Kitchenette$66.7 ($333.48)Last Minute SpecialBooking
70%Fair House Villas & Spa Samui4Garden Villa - Room Only$69.7 ($232.34)Limited Time Offer.Booking
65%Infinity Residences and Resort Koh Samui5Classic Suite One-Bedroom with Private Pool - Room only$101.4 ($289.72)Limited Time Offer.Booking
64%Baan Talay Resort3.5Pool View Bungalow$71.06 ($197.4)Limited Time Offer.Booking
58%Lamai Wanta Beach Resort3Deluxe Hot Deal$46.43 ($110.55)Last Minute SpecialBooking
55%Nora Buri Resort & Spa5Deluxe Hillside$130.29 ($289.52)Limited Time Offer.Booking
49%Imperial Boat House Beach Resort4Superior Room$60.54 ($119.76)Limited Time Offer.Booking
45%Pavilion Samui Boutique Resort4.5Deluxe Jacuzzi$115.81 ($210.56)Last Minute SpecialBooking
36%Imperial Samui Beach Resort5Premier Seafacing Hot Deal$105.28 ($165.82)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Six Senses Samui5Pool Villa$441.64 ($588.86)Limited Time Offer.Booking
Hua Hin / Cha-am
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
59%Ayrest Hua Hin Hotel4Deluxe Pool View Room Only $47.14 ($114.97)Last Minute SpecialBooking
50%Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa5Jacuzzi Suite Room Only$135.02 ($270.05)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Grand Pacific Sovereign Resort & Spa5Deluxe Mountain View- Super Sales$57.88 ($115.76)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Chom View Hotel3.5Pool View Superior$60.72 ($86.74)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Cher Resort4.5Panoramic Seaview$92.12 ($131.6)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Dusit Thani Hua Hin Hotel5Club Suite$195.17 ($278.81)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Mida De Sea Hua Hin Suite4Deluxe$77.38 ($110.55)Last Minute SpecialBooking
25%Putahracsa Resort5Silksand$130.11 ($173.48)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Asara Villa & Suite Hotel5Holiday Suite$149.89 ($176.35)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Rest Detail Hotel4.5Rest Spirit$129.76 ($152.66)Last Minute SpecialBooking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
55%Krabi Resort4Deluxe Hotel$59.22 ($131.6)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Areetara Resort3.5Superior Room Only$31.32 ($62.64)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Red Ginger Chic Resort4Superior Room Only$52.64 ($105.28)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Aonang Cliff Beach Resort4Ocean View$131.6 ($263.2)Limited Time Offer.Booking
45%Sand Sea Resort3Junior Suite Cottage$108.57 ($197.4)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Ban Sainai Resort3.5The Pond Cottage$76.99 ($102.65)Last Minute SpecialBooking
25%Beyond Resort Krabi4Cottage$78.96 ($105.28)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Phra Nang Inn Hotel3.5Family Studio$94.75 ($118.44)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Bhu Nga Thani Resort & Spa4Deluxe$80.54 ($89.49)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Railay Bay Resort & Spa4Railay Deluxe Cottage$80.54 ($89.49)Limited Time Offer.Booking
Koh Phangan
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
55%Pariya Resort & Villas Haad Yuan Koh Phangan4Deluxe Villa - Breakfast Included$71.06 ($157.92)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Starlight Resort3Deluxe Air Conditioning$32.9 ($65.8)Limited Time Offer.Booking
45%Beyond The Blue Horizon Resort3Superior Garden View Villa$28.95 ($52.64)Limited Time Offer.Booking
40%Panviman Resort Koh Phangan5Superior Hotel$110.5 ($184.16)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Sunset Hill Boutique Resort Koh Phangan4Garden View Deluxe$34.55 ($49.35)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Best Western Phanganburi Resort3Deluxe$56.65 ($75.54)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Palita Lodge3Garden View Villa$37.9 ($47.38)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Bird Bungalow2.5standard room double bed with garden view$31.58 ($39.48)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%The Coast Resort Koh Phangan4Superior Double or Twin Room$58.96 ($73.7)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Santhiya Koh Phangan Resort & Spa5Santhiya Supreme Deluxe$112.92 ($125.47)Limited Time Offer.Booking


Ho Chi Minh City
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
50%Hotel Majestic Saigon5Colonial Suite$129.84 ($259.69)Limited Time Offer.Booking
45%Eden Saigon Hotel4Deluxe Double With Window$63.97 ($116.31)Limited Time Offer.Booking
35%Grand Hotel Saigon4.5Deluxe$77.36 ($119.01)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%New World Saigon Hotel5Superior$117.11 ($167.3)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Hotel Nikko Saigon5Deluxe Twin Room Only$121.72 ($173.88)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Liberty Central Saigon Riverside Hotel4Deluxe No Breakfast$83.11 ($110.82)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Liberty Central Saigon Centre Hotel4Deluxe No Breakfast$70.74 ($94.32)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Rex Hotel Saigon5Rex Suite$145.47 ($181.84)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Somerset Ho Chi Minh City Serviced Residence52 Bedroom Premier Room Only$129.78 ($162.23)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Caravelle Hotel5Deluxe Room Only$188.04 ($208.94)Early Booking SaverBooking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
55%Hanoi Morgans Hotel3Deluxe$34.73 ($77.17)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Spring Flower Hotel3Classic$37.83 ($75.66)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Hanoi Legacy Hotel - Hang Bac3.5Superior Room$33.99 ($67.98)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Rising Dragon Palace Hotel3.5Deluxe$37.14 ($74.28)Limited Time Offer.Booking
45%Cosiana Hotel3.5Superior open window with city view$41.97 ($76.31)Limited Time Offer.Booking
34%Fortuna Hotel Hanoi4.5Deluxe Twin or King with Internet and 4PM check out$87.57 ($132.68)Early Booking SaverBooking
25%Golden Lotus Hotel Hanoi3Standard With Window$38.95 ($51.94)Last Minute SpecialBooking
20%Somerset West Lake Serviced Residences5Studio Executive with Lake view$75.46 ($94.32)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Somerset Grand Hanoi Serviced Residences51 Bedroom Executive$106.23 ($124.97)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Candle Hotel4Superior - Weekdays late C/o 4PM - Weekend F&B discount$55.73 ($61.92)Limited Time Offer.Booking
Da Nang
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
45%Eden Plaza Danang4Superior Double$44.69 ($81.25)Limited Time Offer.Booking
40%Northern Hotel Da Nang4Superior City View Double$42.14 ($70.23)Early Booking SaverBooking
40%Muong Thanh Da Nang Hotel4Superior Twin $44.1 ($73.5)Last Minute SpecialBooking
35%Gopatel u2013 Golden Palace Hotel4Superior Double$46.45 ($71.45)Limited Time Offer.Booking
35%Holiday Beach Danang Hotel & Spa4Superior Spa Twin Ocean$92.52 ($142.34)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Furama Resort Danang5Garden Superior$195.13 ($260.18)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Vinh Trung Plaza Apartments and Hotel01 Bedroom Apartment (for 2 adults)$44.59 ($55.73)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Olalani Resort and Condotel5Deluxe Garden Twin$143.27 ($179.09)Limited Time Offer.Booking
18%Song Cong Hotel Danang3.5Superior Double Without Beakfast$20.69 ($25.23)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%The Ocean Villas51 Bedroom Pool Villa$208.36 ($231.51)Limited Time Offer.Booking
Nha Trang
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
60%Hanoi Golden Hotel3.5Superior City View Twin Bed$28.58 ($71.45)Limited Time Offer.Booking
55%Phu Quy 2 Hotel3Standard No Window$20.58 ($45.73)Limited Time Offer.Booking
45%Galliot Hotel Nha Trang4Superior$36.27 ($65.94)Last Minute SpecialBooking
45%Dendro Hotel Nha Trang3.5Superior$34.75 ($63.29)Limited Time Offer.Booking
40%Diamond Bay Resort & Spa4.5Junior Suite Double Bed$96.03 ($160.06)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Asia Paradise Hotel Nha Trang3.5Junior Suite (Senior Deluxe Double Bed) City View$75.03 ($107.19)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Mia Resort Nha Trang5Garden View Condo - Double Bed$164.14 ($205.18)Last Minute SpecialBooking
20%Best Western Premier Havana Nha Trang5Deluxe City View Twin Bed$73.5 ($91.87)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Nha Trang Lodge Hotel4Deluxe$58.65 ($65.17)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%An Lam Ninh Van Bay Villas5Hill Rock Pool Villa$374.34 ($415.94)Limited Time Offer.Booking