Best Cebu Hotels, Philippines

he island of Cebu has a very interesting terrain, which works to its advantage. On one side, you have the almost-endless shoreline that faces the warm blue sea and the nearby isles such as Camotes, Bohol, and Dumaguete. On the other, you have the winding road that leads up to the mountains, with coldness that makes you forget about the hot summery weather the Philippines is highly known for. But perhaps the best feature of all is the nearness. When you’re in Cebu, the beach—or the mountains—are only a few minutes or hours away.

If you’re planning to explore the natural beauty of Cebu and the warmth and hospitality of its people, not to mention taste some of the most delectable Filipino cuisines, you may consider staying in the following:

Cebu White Sands Resort and Spa

Swimming PoolMaribago, Beach, Mactan

This intimate resort and spa is located in the bustling city of Mactan, a separate island connected to mainland Cebu by two bridges. It’s small with only 50 rooms, allowing you to fully enjoy the amenities it offers that include meeting facilities, swimming pools, restaurants and, of course, the white sand beach. You can hire a jet ski or a full boat for a short hop to the nearby beaches and a peek of the rest of the resort. It has its own shop and offers a convenient airport transfer.

Cordova Reef Village Resort

Swimming Pool

Bantayan, Cordova

Within Mactan Island is an islet and a municipality called Cordova, this time attached to Mactan by a bridge that spans for only a few meters. It offers a more provincial feel with its towering palm trees, green wide spaces, and tiny single-detached bungalows that can serve as your cozy accommodation. That doesn’t mean, however, you’re far from modern amenities as the resort also offers a steam room, water sports, dry cleaning, bar or pub, and complimentary Internet access. There are also non-smoking rooms and bathrooms that have their own tubs. Tired of the beach? Head to the large swimming pool.

Costabella Tropical Beach Resort 

Hotel Exterior

Buyong, Mactan Island

Costabella Tropical Breach Resort has always prided itself as a family-centric hotel/resort, and true enough, its activities revolve around the adults and the kids. The hotel offers kiddie time and play hours. They also have various exciting water sports like parasailing, wave runner, kayak, banana boat ride, and snorkeling. It even has its own dive shop with affordable diving courses you can try. If they need some private time, they can simply reserve the private beach. It’s also a great venue for fun intimate gatherings or parties with friends and family.

Cabana Beach Resort

Moalboal Beach

Panagsama Beach, Cebu

Cabana Beach Resort is around 3 hours away from the city center, but it’s all right. Besides easy transport, the resort is worth all the waiting time. It takes you away from all the stresses of the hectic lifestyle the urban city can bring. The waters are all yours, and you can enjoy a variety of water activities, including diving in one of the best diving spots in the world, Pescador Island.



Hoyohoy Villas

Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island is roughly 4 hours by land and around 2 hours by boat. But the powdery white sands, sandbars, beautiful weather, and a laid-back vibe more than make up for the minor inconvenience. For only $500, you can already stay in a locally inspired two-story villa with a garden bathroom, beachfront, and a massive queen bed.

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