Bali Kuta Shopping

When you think of Bali, you imagine the gentle waves, the fine sand, the dinners over sunsets, the cruises, the waters. But it’s also a shopping paradise especially if you find yourself in Kuta.

Kuta is located at the south of Bali. It may not have the same level of popularity as other districts where most of the commercial beaches are, this has also become a haven who want to avoid large crowds. Although this is currently experiencing progress, there is still plenty of room for escapism. The area, which is facing the Indian Ocean, is also known for the surfing breaks, making it the surfing capital of Bali. Now it’s also one of the best places to shop.

Where to Shop

When you want to shop in Kuta, there are only two general places to go to: markets and shopping malls. The shopping centers here are extremely varied, allowing buyers to have a lot of choices. Some of the most popular shopping malls are Bali Mall Galleria where you can find best cinema in the island, Discovery Shopping Mall, and Carrefour Plaza. These centers are composed of many different types of retailers, such as bookstores, computer shops, and restaurants. Riverwalk Mall near Kuta Beach has some night clubs. It’s also common to see a food court with many small food vendors. They are the best places to go to for those who are on a tight budget. Nevertheless, international restaurant brands such as Planet Hollywood can be found in Kuta.

Markets are also very popular and well loved because of the more local-centric experience. Kuta Square, which is made up of small shops occupying both streets, is one of them. It’s also common to see surfing shops selling apparel and equipment around the district.

What to Buy

Art is very much alive in Kuta, and so far, the artists continue to stick to their roots. A tourist therefore should try to bring Kuta art back home. This is normally found in the markets; some do have a dedicated art section. You can also take home some fabrics and silks. A lot of shops sell jewelry, especially those that are laden with pearls. Don’t be surprised, however, if you come across men hawking them.

Shopping Tips at Kuta

 Expect the items to be sold at a fixed price, but the truth is nothing is set in stone in Kuta. In other words, more often than not, you can haggle. These retailers are also used to customers asking for a bargain, so they’re also ready for some good counteroffer.

The best time to shop at Kuta is early in the morning. Markets open early than the shopping malls. For one, there are fewer people around, so you can definitely have more time and room to check out the goods. Second, sellers are eager to make their first sale of the day quick. There are therefore most likely more open to deep discounts. Lastly, learn to compare prices before you buy. Since a lot of the stores are found close to one another, comparison shopping should not be too difficult for you.

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