Big game fishing at Maldives

Maldives, an unearthly abode South-west of Sri Lanka, tucked away amidst the thundering waves of Indian Ocean, is officially the Republic of Maldives, an island nation. The Maldives’ islands comprise two double-chains of 26 atolls.

Maldives being one of the most sought after exotic destinations in and around the Asian sub-continent, has tourism as one of the key-contributors to its economy. Maldives with its laid back folk culture has gold and red twilights, white sands, soothing and calm beaches, blue waters, and clean air amongst the many delights to offer.

Every island of the Maldives has its own beach surrounding it. Over and above the coral habitat amidst which the islands are nestled, each of these islands has an in-house reef of its own, catering to the myriad desires of Aquarium Fanatics. To add the icing on the cake, the beaches here have a maximum of 2 meters high sand parameter around the beaches. The shallow waters encompassing them make an ideal swimming pool with natural blue, clean water, which is any swimmers haven, offering protection from the turbulent tides and waves of the Indian Ocean.

Such an aquatic assortment offers the tourists a number of adventure sports and recreational activities such as scuba-diving, snorkeling, water skiing, kite boarding, wind-surfing and fishing. Fishing is incidentally the most ancient profession of the residents of the Maldives. Fishing and Boat-building are in-fact a primeval art-form mastered by the people of Maldives, forming an inseparable part of their culture and heritage. Fishing is the second-largest contributor to the economy of Maldives.

Combining the art of fishing and the zeal of adventurous tourists, recreational fishing is one of the rare delights that are offered by the Maldives. Outside of these atolls, tuna, sword-fish, marlin, sharks and the most famous and unique Maldive-skipjack are the big fishes that fishing aficionados can savor netting. Among the other big game fishes, there is also the wahoo, barracuda and the Yellowfish-tuna.

Big game fishing depends on a number of factors such as the weather conditions and the fishing location. The ideal time of the day for big game fishing is the early morning, although off-late night fishing is also slowly turning out to be a much sought after offering of the Maldives for big-game fishing. Big game fishing is usually done in the fishing habitats and fresh water pockets outside the atolls. It is always advisable to obtain the information about the protected marine areas and the best fishing areas before setting out on a big game fishing excursion.

A ‘Do-it-yourself’ tourist and explorer may acquire all the necessary information regarding the favorable places, and conditions for big game fishing and hire a speed boat along with all the required fishing gear for the same. These speed-boats and gear are easily available for lease at the resorts or the local diving schools. For others who may want to avail the luxury of professional assistance with the endeavor may easily sign-up for big games fishing packages and excursions organized very frequently by various diving schools, resorts and locally based recreational service provider agencies and businesses. For a fishing fanatic, a night fishing adventure is a ‘must-do’ on your check-list for things to explore in the Maldives.

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