What Kind of Mattress Do Hotels Use?

All the hotels have one thing in common, and that is the mattresses. Each hotel recognizes the importance of quality sleep to its travelers, and a mattress always contributes to that factor. You may wonder what kind of mattress do hotels use and what if you bring the same mattress your home.

Well, here we are going to let you know the type of mattress the hotels use and why it feels so heavenly to sleep on those mattresses.

What Kind of Mattress Do Hotels Use?

Some high-end hotels let the customers choose the preferences for the mattress. This enables them to decide the softness level and the temperature control technology so the travelers can find the ultimate comfort after a long tiring day.

Nonetheless, let’s read about what kind of mattress do hotels use in most of the cases

The innerspring mattresses are the ones that are used by the majority of the hotels. The mattress used in hotels presents the coil spring technology present in these mattresses provides specific support to every body part.

The hotels choose the mattresses that come with a medium level of firmness so it won’t feel too soft and too firm.

What kind of mattress do hotels use

Quality mattress soothes every body part.

This way, the moderately soft mattresses with few sets of the pillows work well for almost anyone.

So if you are wondering to experience a hotel-like experience in your home, you can choose the innerspring mattresses with the level of softness you prefer. Always try the mattresses yourself instead of saying “Yes” to any random one.

Tricks to Make Your Bed More Comfortable

Everyone deserves a cozy sleep and that mattress to be ultra-comfortable. By paying your attention to some factors, you can improve your overall sleep experience.

Buy a mattress that comes with your preference of firmness. Become able to differentiate between memory foam, latex, innerspring, hybrid, and airbed mattresses; opt for the one that seems more appealing when you take the trial.

Replace a mattress when it is time. Every type of bed comes with a lifespan and using your mattress more than that compromises your comfort.

Use a soft bed sheet and remember to wash it regularly while rinsing it with a fabric conditioner to make it smell better.

Grab a few sets of soft pillows to scatter around, so it feels cozier than ever. Consider pillow covers as well and change them periodically.

You can consider adding a down comforter for an extra cozy feel.

Get a heated throw that is an electric blanket that regulates the temperature of your bed, and it feels like heaven in winters.

mattress used in hotels

Knowing what kind of mattress do hotels use can help while shopping.

Consider adding canopies or drapes around your bed and turn it into a magical place instantly. The body-shaped pillows can be a great addition to your bed that you can hug and have a sound sleep all night.


The items you should use on your bed are all about the matter of preferences. However, it would be best if you always had some pillows, bedsheets, and a down comforter as the must-have things. So now that you know what kind of mattress do hotels use, you can explore the whole range of innerspring mattresses and get customized as per your needs.

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