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DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
35%Paco Business Hotel Guangzhou Tiyu Xilu Metro Branch4Comfort Room (No Window)$48.84 ($75.13)Limited Time Offer.Booking
33%Xinghe Xianjiang HotelRailway Station Branch4Standard Queen Bed$34.81 ($52.34)Early Booking Saver.Booking
32%Huashi Hotel4Superior Queen Bed$38.71 ($57.35)Limited Time Offer.Booking
26%Gang Run East Asia Hotel3Business Twin$21.04 ($28.55)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Landmark International Hotel Science City Hotel4Superior King Room$45.88 ($57.35)Limited Time Offer.Booking
19%Hotel Landmark Canton4Business Suite King or Twin$87.66 ($108.69)Limited Time Offer.Booking
13%Zhuhai Special Economic Zone Hotel3Deluxe$33.13 ($37.87)Limited Time Offer.Booking
11%Paco Business Hotel - Guangzhou Dongfeng Road Branch4Superior Twin (no window)$56.28 ($63.38)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%The Bauhinia Hotel Guangzhou3Boutique Room No Window$33.59 ($37.32)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Sino Hotel Guangzhou3.5Business$32.46 ($36.06)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
26%Sunshine Hotel5Deluxe Garden Room Master$97.17 ($131.49)Early Booking Saver.Booking
20%The Pavilion Hotel5Superior Single Room$83.87 ($104.94)Early Booking Saver.Booking
11%Kaili Hotel3Standard Twin$45.08 ($50.84)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%The Langham Hotel Shenzhen5Deluxe King Room - with WIFI$157.69 ($175.21)Early Booking Saver.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
21%Grand New Century Hotel Fuyang3Superior Twin Bed$54.96 ($69.88)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
30%Dorsett Grand Chengdu Hotel5Standard King Bed with Breakfast$56.01 ($80.01)Early Booking Saver.Booking
22%Oakwood Residence Funder Chengdu5Deluxe - Room Only$74.26 ($95.82)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Citadines South Chengdu4Deluxe Studio King Bed with 1 Breakfast$47.74 ($59.67)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Buddhazen Hotel4Deluxe Suite$78.67 ($87.41)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
16%Xian Ibis Hotel3Queen Size Bed Room$17.82 ($21.18)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
18%Qingdao Farglory Hotel4Deluxe Twin$60.75 ($74.38)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
20%Ascott Hotel Midtown Suzhou5Studio Executive$91.42 ($114.27)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
40%Citadines Zhuankou Wuhan 4Studio Premier - Single - include 1 breakfast$44.4 ($74.01)Limited Time Offer.Booking
12%Wanda Realm Wuhan5Deluxe King Room$97.4 ($110.68)Early Booking Saver.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
30%Somerset Yangtze River Chongqing4Studio Premier - Breakfast$69.14 ($98.78)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
20%Cozy Garden Retreat3Mountain View King Bed$36.87 ($46.08)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Banyan Tree Yangshuo Hotel5Imperial 1-Bedroom Villa$371.81 ($413.13)Early Booking Saver.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
20%Somerset Harbour Court Dalian42 Bedroom Deluxe With Breakfast$75.43 ($94.29)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Somerset Grand Central Dalian41 Bedroom Premier$73.23 ($91.54)Limited Time Offer.Booking

Hong Kong

DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
32%Harbour Plaza North Point Hotel4One Bedroom Suite$229.63 ($335.61)Limited Time Offer.Booking
22%The Luxe Manor5Superior Double or Twin with Handy Smartphone$130.69 ($167.61)Limited Time Offer.Booking
21%Dorsett Tsuen Wan Hong Kong4Deluxe Queen or Twin Bed$84.71 ($107.45)Last Minute Special. Booking
20%Regal Kowloon Hotel4Superior Room$123.77 ($154.72)Last Minute Special. Booking
20%Hotel Panorama by Rhombus4Superior Silver$103.14 ($128.93)Limited Time Offer.Booking
18%Regal Airport Hotel5Superior Room$142.73 ($174.06)Last Minute Special. Booking
18%Regal Riverside Hotel4Deluxe Room$100.44 ($122.48)Last Minute Special. Booking
15%Silka Seaview Hotel3Adjoining Deluxe Double or Twin Room$166.58 ($195.97)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Shamrock Hotel3Standard$97.54 ($114.75)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Harbour Grand Hong Kong Hotel5Deluxe Harbour View$171.74 ($190.82)Last Minute Special. Booking


DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
61%AlamKulKul Boutique Resort4Family Room$91.03 ($231.72)Limited Time Offer.Booking
60%Anumana Ubud Hotel4Superior Lagoon Access$77.13 ($195.22)72 hr limited saleBooking
52%Kuta Central Park Hotel4Standard With Breakfast$28.13 ($58.6)Last Minute Special. Booking
51%Kuta Paradiso Hotel5Deluxe Room$92.59 ($188.97)Last Minute Special. Booking
42%The Club Villas4Honeymoon Pool Villa$148.8 ($256.55)Limited Time Offer.Booking
41%IZE Hotel Seminyak4Deluxe$82.17 ($138.34)Limited Time Offer.Booking
37%Puri Santrian Beach Resort & Spa4Superior with Breakfast$119.34 ($189.43)Limited Time Offer.Booking
32%The Akmani Legian Hotel4Classic Rooms$34.78 ($51.47)Last Minute Special. Booking
20%Tijili Hotel Seminyak4Deluxe (Twin beds) - Room Only$59.08 ($73.85)Limited Time Offer.Booking
19%Alaya Resort Kuta5Deluxe Room$77.57 ($96.2)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
50%Lotus Bandung Hotel, Cafe, and Meeting Place2Deluxe$17.08 ($34.16)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Karang Setra Hotel and Cottages3Grand Cottage$69.44 ($93.16)Limited Time Offer.Booking
13%Tune Hotel Bandung Dago3Standard Double Room$23.36 ($26.72)Limited Time Offer.Booking
12%Gino Feruci Braga Hotel4Superior$33.21 ($37.93)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Accordia Dago Hotel2Family Room$33.54 ($37.26)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%De Paviljoen Bandung by HIM4Deluxe - Breakfast$47.51 ($52.79)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
50%The Media Hotel & Towers5Premium Room - Breakfast$48.85 ($97.69)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Shangri-la Hotel5Deluxe$120.3 ($240.59)Early Booking Saver.Booking
50%The Jayakarta SP Jakarta Hotel & Spa4Family Room$33.54 ($67.08)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Oakwood Premier Cozmo Jakarta51 Bedroom Executive$129.67 ($185.24)Weekend promotion - a promotion that gives discounts for customers staying on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays.Booking
20%Fairmont Jakarta Hotel5Sky Suite 1 Bedroom$359.59 ($449.49)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Aryaduta Semanggi51 Bedroom Suite Room Only$70.94 ($88.68)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Ambhara Hotel4Deluxe with Breakfast & Free Wi-Fi$57.14 ($71.42)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%POP Hotel Pasar Baru Jakarta2POP! Room$18.33 ($20.37)Early Booking Saver.Booking
10%Menara Peninsula Hotel4Junior Suite$72.67 ($80.74)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Gran Melia Jakarta5Deluxe Room Only$107.96 ($119.95)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
51%The Jayakarta Yogyakarta Hotel & Spa4Deluxe Garden View Room Only$29.37 ($59.93)Limited Time Offer.Booking
14%Tune Hotel Yogyakarta3Twin Room$20.01 ($23.36)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
40%Villa Kayla2Standard - Room with Internet & Breakfast$29.81 ($49.69)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%The Oberoi Lombok5Luxury Pavilion Garden View$232.62 ($332.31)Limited Time Offer.Booking
28%Vila Ombak Hotel4Deluxe Terrace Room$73.78 ($102.91)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
50%Grand Darmo Suite4Deluxe Suite With Breakfast$32.61 ($65.21)72 hr limited saleBooking
41%Shangri-La Hotel5Deluxe$73.16 ($124)Early Booking Saver.Booking


Kuala Lumpur
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
58%The Everly Putrajaya Hotel4Deluxe$43.87 ($105.71)Limited Time Offer.Booking
42%Swiss Garden Hotel Kuala Lumpur4Premier Deluxe Room With Internet$56.15 ($96.81)Limited Time Offer.Booking
36%Dorsett Grand Subang Hotel5Superior Room$53.58 ($83.6)Limited Time Offer.Booking
35%One World Hotel52 Bedroom Family Suite$221.41 ($340.63)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%GTower Hotel5Executive with Breakfast$76.87 ($109.81)Limited Time Offer.Booking
29%Furama Hotel Bukit Bintang4Executive Room$41.33 ($58.14)Limited Time Offer.Booking
28%Quality Hotel City Centre4Deluxe Twin$48.85 ($68.13)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Hotel Capitol Kuala Lumpur3Capitol Deluxe$51.54 ($68.72)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Corus Hotel4Deluxe Room$53.65 ($67.45)Last Minute Special. Booking
15%The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur5Junior Suite - Room Only$114.29 ($134.46)Last Minute Special. Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
50%Straits Quay Marina Suites4Non-Seaview Family Suites$63.42 ($126.85)Limited Time Offer.Booking
38%The Royale Bintang Penang Hotel4Studio Suite$144.18 ($232.56)Limited Time Offer.Booking
36%Flamingo Hotel by the Beach4Deluxe Sea View$70.72 ($110.99)Limited Time Offer.Booking
32%G Hotel Kelawai5Deluxe Room$94.1 ($138.38)Limited Time Offer.Booking
32%G Hotel Gurney5L Suite One Bedroom$141.15 ($207.57)Limited Time Offer.Booking
29%Bayview Hotel Georgetown4Grand Deluxe With Breakfast$66.27 ($93.34)Limited Time Offer.Booking
22%Georgetown Hotel2Deluxe Plus$25.49 ($32.67)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Copthorne Orchid Hotel Penang4Standard Room$51.99 ($64.99)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Bayview Beach Resort4Family Room - Room Only$80.32 ($100.4)Last Minute Special. Booking
14%The Gurney Resort Hotel & Residence4Studio Suite$50.42 ($58.51)Last Minute Special. Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
33%Century Langkasuka Resort4Partial Sea View Room$72.34 ($107.98)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Ombak Villa Langkawi4Suite Double or Twin$117.35 ($130.39)Last Minute Special. Booking
Johor Bahru
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
30%Swiss Inn Johor Bahru3.5Cosy Twin / Queen$30.9 ($44.15)Limited Time Offer.Booking
28%i-Hotel @ Johor Bahru2Superior Premium Room$18.68 ($25.95)Limited Time Offer.Booking
26%Grand Sentosa Hotel Johor Bahru3Superior Room$21.14 ($28.54)Early Booking Saver.Booking
23%Hotel Sentral Johor Bahru3Superior$17.93 ($23.31)Last Minute Special. Booking
20%Le Grandeur Palm Resort Johor4Deluxe King Bed$46.25 ($57.82)Limited Time Offer.Booking
19%Thistle Johor Bahru Hotel5Deluxe Straits View King / Twin$91.32 ($112.82)Last Minute Special. Booking
Kota Kinabalu
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
44%Oceania Hotel3Superior Double$30.51 ($54.2)Limited Time Offer.Booking


DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
55%Crimson Hotel Filinvest City Manila5Deluxe Room with Breakfast$83.11 ($184.69)Limited Time Offer.Booking
49%The Exchange Regency Residence Hotel Managed by HII4Premier Twin$46.16 ($89.99)Limited Time Offer.Booking
35%The Linden Suites4Deluxe (Room Only)$68.37 ($105.18)Limited Time Offer.Booking
35%Century Park Hotel5Executive Club Room$95.48 ($146.89)Limited Time Offer.Booking
33%Diamond Hotel5Deluxe Room$141.63 ($212.8)Last Minute Special. Booking
30%Atrium Hotel31 Bedroom suite$52.31 ($74.73)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Citadines Salcedo Makati Apartments4Studio w/ Breakfast for 2 pax$94.75 ($118.44)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Ascott Makati5Studio Premier$141.33 ($176.66)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Solaire Resort & Casino5Sky Studio Queen (with Breakfast)$232.07 ($273.02)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%F1 Hotel Manila4One Bedroom Suite (Residential Level)$93.58 ($110.09)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
23%Azia Suites3Junior Suite$42.78 ($55.54)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Las Flores Hotel4Seaview Room Deluxe$81.61 ($102.01)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Sarrosa International Hotel and Residential Suites3Grand Deluxe (Room Only)$36.63 ($45.79)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
15%Citystate Asturias Hotel3Standard$34.13 ($40.15)Limited Time Offer.Booking


DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
43%Days Hotel Singapore At Zhongshan Park3.5City View Queen or Twin$76.2 ($134.05)Limited Time Offer.Booking
26%Furama RiverFront Hotel4Superior$93.15 ($125.88)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Hotel Grand Central4Deluxe Room$116.41 ($155.22)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Concorde Hotel Singapore4Premier Club-inc.Club benefits, Breakfast & Internet$186.26 ($232.82)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore by Shangri-la4.5Superior Room$124.17 ($155.21)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Hotel Royal4Mystery Room$95.95 ($119.94)Last Minute Special. Booking
18%Carlton Hotel Singapore5Premier Club: With Club Benefits$242.98 ($296.32)Last Minute Special. Booking
15%Goodwood Park Hotel5Deluxe Mayfair Room$233.88 ($275.15)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Capella Singapore Hotel5Premier Sea View$495.27 ($550.3)Last Minute Special. Booking
10%Premier Inn Singapore Beach Road3.5Family Room( 2 Adults 2 Children) Free Cancellation$95.24 ($105.83)72 hr limited saleBooking

South Korea

DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
58%Shinchon Ever8 Serviced Residence4Deluxe Twin Beds Room$70.12 ($166.95)Last Minute Special. Booking
51%Provista Hotel Gangnam4Standard Double$74.28 ($150.91)Limited Time Offer.Booking
31%Namsan City Hotel Myeongdong3Triple Room$94.78 ($136.64)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Vatica Hotel Dongdaemun3Standard Double$65.68 ($93.83)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Hotel ITW4Single$89.56 ($127.95)Limited Time Offer.Booking
26%Benikea Premier Hotel Dongdaemun4Standard Double$60.52 ($81.32)Last Minute Special. Booking
23%Staz Hotel Myeongdong 13Standard Triple Room$66.64 ($86.9)Limited Time Offer.Booking
22%YaKorea Hostel Dongdaemun1.5Twin$39.49 ($50.77)Limited Time Offer.Booking
14%Hotel Biz3Double A$54.84 ($63.97)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Crown Park Hotel Myeongdong Seoul4Standard Double$80.93 ($89.92)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
30%Boutique Hotel Aria Nampo2.5Standard Double Bed$44.78 ($63.97)Limited Time Offer.Booking
12%Seomyeon Mumum Residence3Deluxe Double$48.79 ($55.44)Limited Time Offer.Booking
Jeju Island
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
54%Robero Hotel Jeju4Deluxe Twin Room$51.03 ($110.45)Last Minute Special. Booking
36%Hotel Leo4Family Twin Room$71.85 ($111.97)Limited Time Offer.Booking
35%The Suite Hotel Jeju4.5Deluxe Double.$130.76 ($201.16)Limited Time Offer.Booking
33%Maison Glad Jeju5Deluxe Twin$93.83 ($140.74)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Park Sunshine Hotel Jeju4Standard Double$52.68 ($75.26)Limited Time Offer.Booking
23%BK Hotel Jeju3Standard B$46.91 ($60.56)Limited Time Offer.Booking
22%Jeju Aerospace Hotel4Deluxe Twin Room$77.47 ($98.87)Limited Time Offer.Booking
21%Benikea Jungmun Hotel3.5Upgraded Deluxe$72.14 ($91.67)Limited Time Offer.Booking
13%Familia Hotel Jeju3Ground Floor Twin Room$49.76 ($57.22)72 hr limited saleBooking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
22%Orakai Songdo Park Hotel4Deluxe Double Room$83.69 ($107.07)Early Booking Saver.Booking
12%Ramada Songdo4Deluxe Twin (Free 2 ways airport transfer)$54.24 ($61.64)Limited Time Offer.Booking

Sri Lanka

DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
24%De Colombo Boutique Hotel3Deluxe$36.87 ($48.51)Last Minute Special. Booking
22%Villa Escondite3Executive Suite$122.09 ($157.52)Last Minute Special. Booking
18%Comfort@15 hotel - Colombo3Standard Double or Twin$39.5 ($47.98)Last Minute Special. Booking
Nuwara Eliya
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
50%Langdale by Amaya Boutique Resort5Luxury$194.97 ($389.94)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Villa de Roshe3Superior Rooms$60.88 ($76.1)Last Minute Special. Booking


DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
64%Prince Palace Hotel42 Bedroom Family Suite$77.02 ($216.63)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Best Western Premier Amaranth Suvarnabhumi Airport5Deluxe Room Only 24 hrs. stay$87.95 ($175.91)Limited Time Offer.Booking
47%Jasmine Resort Hotel4.5Premier Corner Suites$344.44 ($649.88)Limited Time Offer.Booking
43%Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok5Club City View - Breakfast$162.77 ($285.57)Limited Time Offer.Booking
42%Emporium Suites by Chatrium5Studio Deluxe$133.42 ($230.04)Limited Time Offer.Booking
17%Arnoma Grand4Superior$66.58 ($79.89)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Pathumwan Princess Hotel5Superior - Best Rate$96.32 ($113.32)Last Minute Special. Booking
15%Ambassador Hotel Bangkok4Standard Main Wing$61.74 ($72.57)Limited Time Offer.Booking
13%Grande Centre Point Hotel Ratchadamri5Grand Deluxe$146.13 ($167.18)Limited Time Offer.Booking
12%Mandarin Hotel Managed by Centre Point4Deluxe Room$91.34 ($103.26)Last Minute Special. Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
50%R-Con Hotel @ Siam32 Bedroom Family Suite$50.55 ($101.09)Limited Time Offer.Booking
45%Sunbeam Hotel Pattaya4Superior Hot Deal$50.17 ($91.22)Limited Time Offer.Booking
45%Zing Resort & Spa3Superior$31.77 ($57.77)Limited Time Offer.Booking
33%Hotel Selection Pattaya4Deluxe City View$48.14 ($72.21)Early Booking Saver.Booking
24%A-One The Royal Cruise Hotel Pattaya4Sea View Deluxe Room$81.84 ($108.33)Limited Time Offer.Booking
21%A-One Star Hotel3Superior Star$34.42 ($43.68)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Pinnacle Grand Jomtien Resort4Standard$59.69 ($74.62)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%A-One Pattaya Beach Resort4Deluxe$77.44 ($91.21)Limited Time Offer.Booking
12%A-One New Wing Hotel4Superior Room$52.96 ($60.19)Limited Time Offer.Booking
11%247 Boutique Hotel3Mini Suite Room with 1 Living Room and Balcony with Bre$64.27 ($72.21)Limited Time Offer.Booking
Chiang Mai
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
60%The Balcony Chiang Mai Village4Deluxe with Breakfast $47.69 ($119.23)Limited Time Offer.Booking
55%Royal Panerai Hotel Chiangmai3Deluxe$20.64 ($45.86)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Nordwind Hotel3Nordwind Suite$83.46 ($166.93)Limited Time Offer.Booking
50%Is Am O Chiang Mai Resort3.5Superior Room$48.65 ($97.29)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Phu Jaya Mini Resort3Boutique$37.83 ($54.04)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Chankam Boutique Hotel4Grand Suite Whirlpool Bathtub$125.2 ($166.93)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Rati Lanna Riverside Spa Resort5Deluxe Suite$343.39 ($429.24)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%Baan Din Ki3Standard$18.89 ($23.61)Limited Time Offer.Booking
17%De Aerng Boutique Hotel3Deluxe Room$32.79 ($39.35)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Furama Chiang Mai4Deluxe$56.66 ($62.96)Limited Time Offer.Booking
Hua Hin / Cha-am
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
60%Ayrest Hua Hin Hotel4Deluxe$47.26 ($118.16)Last Minute Special. Booking
51%X2 Hua Hin Le Bayburi5Pacific Hideaway$442.28 ($902.61)Last Minute Special. Booking
42%Cher Resort4.5Panoramic Sea View$78.18 ($134.79)Limited Time Offer.Booking
40%G House Hotel3Standard$17.27 ($28.88)Last Minute Special. Booking
35%Tara Mantra Cha-Am Resort4Superior Room$65.55 ($100.85)Limited Time Offer.Booking
21%The Rock Hua Hin Beachfront Spa Resort4.5Pearl Suite$163.53 ($207)Limited Time Offer.Booking
21%Springfield Village Golf & Spa Hotel4.5Deluxe Jacuzzi$60.9 ($77.5)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Dusit Thani Hua Hin Hotel5Superior Twin - Room Only$96.32 ($113.32)Limited Time Offer.Booking
14%VISA Hotel Hua Hin3Superior Twin Bed$38.27 ($44.53)Limited Time Offer.Booking
11%Seahorse Hua Hin Resort3.5Malibu$41.4 ($46.57)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
50%Areetara Resort3.5Superior$45.07 ($90.14)Limited Time Offer.Booking
20%The Unique Krabi Private Pool Villa3.53 Bedroom Pool Villa$228.93 ($286.16)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Deevana Plaza Krabi Aonang4.5Deluxe Room$114.65 ($127.39)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Maritime Park & Spa Resort4Superior$43.4 ($48.41)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
13%Basaya Laemchabang2Superior Room$15.65 ($18.05)Limited Time Offer.Booking


Ho Chi Minh City
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
56%Windsor Plaza Hotel5Premier Deluxe$79.34 ($179.26)Limited Time Offer.Booking
47%The White Hotel 13Deluxe Room With Window$36.6 ($69.05)Limited Time Offer.Booking
42%Harmony Saigon Hotel & Spa4Club City View$92.12 ($158.83)Last Minute Special. Booking
35%GK Central Hotel3Superior Double Room$57.99 ($89.89)Limited Time Offer.Booking
35%Lotte Legend Hotel Saigon5Deluxe City View Twin$104.16 ($159.52)Weekend promotion - a promotion that gives discounts for customers staying on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays.Booking
30%Liberty Central Saigon Citypoint Hotel4Deluxe with Breakfast$103.6 ($148)Weekend promotion - a promotion that gives discounts for customers staying on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays.Booking
30%Liberty Central Saigon Riverside Hotel4Deluxe With Breakfast$92.43 ($132.04)Limited Time Offer.Booking
30%Liberty Central Saigon Centre Hotel4Deluxe No Breakfast$60.48 ($86.4)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Hotel Continental Saigon4Junior Suite$112.35 ($149.8)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Somerset Chancellor Court Serviced Residence51 Bedroom Premier$99.62 ($117.2)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
60%Eclipse Legend Hotel2.5Deluxe$28.75 ($71.86)Limited Time Offer.Booking
39%Pan Pacific Hanoi5Deluxe double room$104.38 ($170)Limited Time Offer.Booking
38%O Gallery Premier Hotel & Spa4Deluxe Room$66.07 ($106.22)Limited Time Offer.Booking
35%Hanoi Daewoo Hotel5Deluxe King Or Twin Room - Room Only$80.58 ($123.97)Limited Time Offer.Booking
31%Movenpick Hotel Hanoi5Suite King$176 ($256)Limited Time Offer.Booking
24%Lotte Hotel Hanoi5Club Deluxe Room with King Bed u2013 Club Lounge Access for Adults Only$209.83 ($276.09)Limited Time Offer.Booking
23%The Hanoi Club Hotel & Lake Palais Residences4Superior Twin Room$61.74 ($79.73)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%De Syloia Hotel3.5Superior$59.37 ($69.85)Last Minute Special. Booking
11%The Chi Boutique Hotel3.5Standard$68.07 ($76.58)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Hotel Nikko Hanoi5Deluxe Room$81 ($90)Limited Time Offer.Booking
Da Nang
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
42%San San Hotel3Superior Double$15.58 ($26.85)Limited Time Offer.Booking
35%Le House Boutique Hotel3.5Golden Room$78.95 ($121.46)Limited Time Offer.Booking
29%Samdi Hotel42-Bedroom Queen Apartment$159.66 ($225.33)Limited Time Offer.Booking
27%Vanda Hotel4Family Junior Suite$120.65 ($164.96)Limited Time Offer.Booking
Nha Trang
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
12%Wild Beach Resort3.5Suite Ocean View$149.48 ($169.86)Limited Time Offer.Booking
Hoi An
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
62%Muong Thanh Holiday Hoi An Hotel4Deluxe River View$40.82 ($107.42)72 hr limited saleBooking
50%Like Hoi An Hotel3Deluxe Room$33.3 ($66.6)Limited Time Offer.Booking
40%The Earth Villa3Superior Room$25.67 ($42.78)Limited Time Offer.Booking
25%Hai Au Boutique Hotel and Spa3Superior Double$25.48 ($33.97)Limited Time Offer.Booking
15%Van Loi Hotel3Superior Garden/ Pool View$29.28 ($34.53)Limited Time Offer.Booking
Phan Thiet
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
40%Muong Thanh Mui Ne Hotel4Deluxe Ocean King Or Twin Room$98.4 ($164)Limited Time Offer.Booking
12%Coral Sea Resort3.5Deluxe Garden$34.59 ($39.53)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
10%Halong Annam Junk3.5Deluxe Double 2 Days 1 Night Full Board$177.71 ($197.45)Limited Time Offer.Booking
10%Halong Glory Cruise3.5Deluxe Ocean View Double/Twin Cabin - 2 Days 1 Night$300.72 ($334.13)Limited Time Offer.Booking
Vung Tau
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
12%Vung Tau Intourco Resort4Honey Moon Villa$68.69 ($77.98)Limited Time Offer.Booking
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
50%Park View Hotel4Superior Room Only$31.65 ($63.3)Limited Time Offer.Booking
35%Alba Spa Hotel4Deluxe City View$67.33 ($103.58)Weekend promotion - a promotion that gives discounts for customers staying on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays.Booking
23%Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs Resort3Deluxe Room$62.43 ($80.72)Early Booking Saver.Booking
15%DMZ Hotel2Deluxe City View$22.96 ($27.01)Limited Time Offer.Booking
Phu Quoc Island
DiscountHotel NameStarsRoom TypePrice/Old PriceOfferBooking
25%Eden Resort Phu Quoc4.5Deluxe Garden View$106.01 ($141.35)Limited Time Offer.Booking