Dining in Kuta Bali

Bali has always given off that laid-back, happy-go-lucky feel. And thanks to Julia Roberts, many are also heading there to find some “love.” Regardless of the reason, Bali is a great place to unwind, be more comfortable with yourself, and enjoy the day with hardly anything to worry about. Perhaps if there’s one thing you should seriously decide on, it’s where to eat.

Food is abundant in Bali, which is understandable since it almost never runs out of visitors. During peak season, the number can just swell to hundreds of thousands, and travelers are often known to love eating. Fortunately there are many fantastic options particularly if you go to its south side, like Kuta.

Kuta is the surfing paradise in Bali. As of late, it has also become a mecca of shoppers because of the several markets and shopping malls. The beach and shopping are two of the major reasons why dining is as eclectic as it can be down here.

For those who are on a shoestring budget, one of the best places to go to is the Poppies Lane. This section in Kuta is divided into two, 1 and 2. Either way, both are filled with a lot of cheap hotels and equally affordable dining places. For example, you have the Bamboo Corner in 1, which serves a huge plate of nasi goreng for only 7,000 rupiah or around less than a dollar. If you are looking for some great beer, there’s Bagus Bar, which keeps all the beer bottles really chilled.

Most of these restaurants are plain looking with hardly any concern on updating the interiors. However, many still troop here because of the quality of the food and the awesome price.

You can also find more restaurants inside the shopping malls. The Bali Mall Galleria is home to Planet Hollywood. Big shopping centers also have their own food court, where you can find dozens of concessionaires selling Balinese and other Indonesian cuisines, among others. They are also a great source of cheap food.

If you want ambiance, try finding a restaurant that is close to the beach. Many of them offer al fresco dining, and you can choose to sit near the waters. If not, you have a majestic view of the beaches and long shorelines.

Indonesia is known for excellent food, and it’s not difficult to find a dining place that offers local dishes. Nevertheless, over the years, they have also learned to embrace the influence of other cuisines. Thus, some restaurants are dedicated to international dishes such as American. The number of coffee shops or cafes has also increased, and they serve light fare, such as sandwiches, pastries, and desserts.

Bars and clubs, on the other hand, are many, and they can serve burgers, tapas, steaks, and fries. Some also have their own dance floors and resident DJs. Despite being a predominantly Muslim country, there’s no established curfew for clubs, pubs, and bars in Kuta Bali.

If you want to splurge and experience fine dining, you can go to restaurants found in large hotels such as Sheraton.

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