Sun, Sand, Surf, Shrines and a nightlife that rocks!

Bali stands to be one of the world’s best travel destinations. Bali offers much and a lot more than other beach destinations in the Southeast Asia. You will find tranquility in the temples, get adventurous indulging in the water sports, relax yourself on the beaches, do just about anything you have on your cards.

With a tropical monsoon climate and the sun shining all around the year, Bali becomes one of the favorite travel destinations for tourists the world over. Bali, the smallest Indonesian province is bedecked with the line of beautiful beaches surrounding the landscape. At just about 10 minutes drive from Denpasar Airport; you will be greeted by Kuta and Legian beaches spreading across the southwest of Bali. Surfing is the chief activity at Kuta. Known to be the Mecca for tourists, Kuta is a wonderful shopping destination. You can also experience the famous Kecak dance performances at Kuta beach. Apart from Kuta you will find other picturesque beaches like Nusa Dua, Jimbaran and Seminyak which also offer different water sport activities. You will have a host of alternatives to stay in the form of hotels, villas, apartments and resorts well befitting your budget and liking.

At Bali you will not encounter a single dull moment. A tour to the Mount Batur volcano can be an experience in itself. At Bali you can have various kinds of experiences from taking trips to the peace offering temples to glimpses of active volcanoes or being a part of the city’s young and wild nightlife. The drive to the volcano passes through a town named Ubud known for Balinese traditional craft, paintings and silver jewelry.

Bali is one of the best destinations to visit in Indonesia

Kuta beach is not only known for its water sports or shopping; it becomes the hotspot for entertainment after sun down, especially for the night owls. Kuta houses the best in class pubs, bars and is known for its sizzling nightlife. Most of the night spots turn vibrant after 2200 hours or some even beyond midnight with inviting, classy dance floors coupled with beats spun by international DJs that will have you grooving well into the dawn.

Bali’s nightlife is centered at Kuta, anything that a discerning tourist could ask for is available here. The bars here are especially nice to be; they offer free entry even for stags and host special drink promotions with Happy Hours. Jalan Legian and Jalan Padma boast of the largest number of watering holes in this region. The place is sprawled with elegant clubs, bar and restaurants, you are sure to find one of your choice, class and ambience. These classy night spots attract crowd from all walks of life. It gets transformed into a swanky hideaway with young and fashionable people coming in to chill out and have a good time.

So, if you are one who believes in working hard and partying harder, Kuta is the place for you. The hoopla begins by late evening without stopping till early morning and with a plethora of options you will never feel drab!


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