Kitesurfing at Mui Ne, Vietnam

The winds are at their best in this part of the world. I would like to share my experience of kitesurfing at Mui Ne, a strange name for a wonderful place. Kitesurfing is quite popular, infact highly popular sport amidst the tourists visiting here from different parts of the globe. The climate out here is conducive for kitesurfing throughout the year.

From what I have heard from the locals over here, Mui Ne offers the best weather conditions for kitesurfing amidst all other places in Vietnam. On an average, the wind speed is about 12 knots for nearly 225 days in a calendar year. At its breezy best, the place is bound to pump your adventurous side and take it an altogether different level. With different beach areas, the place offers a palette of options to choose your home ground for kitesurfing. Believe me when I say, every bay is different and offers an experience like never before. You are bound to always end up wanting for more. The tourists here are mostly Russians. On a lighter note, you may even call Mui Ne as mini Russia.

With plenty of kitesurfers around the main beach at Mui Ne, it made the safest place for novices to start learning kite surfing. My advice is to put up at this place if you are a little low on confidence at the beginning. The numerous people around you will give you the assurance that there will be someone to take care of you if anything goes wildly wrongly.

Another beach that a serious adventurer should not miss out on is the Soui Nuoc. With a relatively new bay club resort on the sidelines, the place is a blend of fun and mystery. Experienced kitesurfers usually have a gala time out here due to the direction of the wind. Most of the times the wind is on shore out here and therefore will suit the familiar riders more than the first timers.

Well, there is another place famously known as the Cemetry. As the name sounds, the place is immensely dangerous and is recommended only for knowledgeable riders. You have to be a perfectionist else you are bound to end up on the rocks. So watch out for this place, but a stroll is always recommended to get a different flavor of Mui Ne. Vietnam would not have been complete without this feather in its cap.

For most of the unsure riders, there are ample qualified kitesurfing training schools in Mui Ne. There is a set of regulations which I believe is more for convenience than for levying restrictions. Competent kitesurfers will be aware of the dos and recommended donts of the place. As the water gets choppy during less windy seasons, the kite surfers are often seen idling at the beach. Only the most fun loving of the lot will be seen trying out their skills against the wills of the nature.

All in all, treat this place in Vietnam with utmost respect and Mui Ne will give you the most unforgettable experience of your life.

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